Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Irishman Single Malt

100% Irish Malt Whiskey.
Aged in Oak casks.
Matured in two casks, Bourbon and Sherry.
Each bottle are uniquely numbered and signed.
Distilled in Ireland
The casks are personally selected by Bernard.

Tasting Notes
Colour : Golden Honey
Aroma : Great nose, floral background notes.
Taste : Wonderfully fresh, fruity and mouth
Finish : Lingering for what seems like and

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Irishman Superior 70

70% Irish Malt Whiskey
Unique Old Irish Pot Still blend
Triple Distilled
Matured in Bourbon Cask
Distilled and Blended in Ireland
The Casks are personally selected by Bernard

Tasting Notes
Colour : Autumn Gold
Aroma : Good nose with pepper and spice
Taste : Extremely smooth with great balance
Finish : A lingering finish with good length


The award winning Hot Irishman is hand crafted using the finest Columbian Coffee, dark brown sugar and mellow Irish Whiskey. Just add boiling water and top with cream for a genuine and consistent Irish Coffee every time. Produced in Ireland by the Walsh family since 1999, this world original Irish Coffee blend is made to the same age-old recipe passed down through the generations.
Unique Selling Points
Consistently makes great Irish Coffee
Saves labour and time
Reduces wastage
Delivers better margins
Serve Irish Coffee 'en masse'


Produced in Ireland by the Walsh family (Bernard and Rosemary Walsh), made to the same age old Irish Cream Liqueur recipe. Like Irish Cream, The Walsh's have deep roots in Ireland. This Rich Tapestry that is the Walsh Legacy has filtered through almost 1000 years to this day. Play your part in History and enjoy "The Irishman Superior Irish Cream".
Handcrafted using the finest luxurious Irish Cream, 100% Irish whiskey with a hint of vanilla and toffee. One to savour!

anCnoc Highland Singlemalt Scotch Whisky

When John Morrison bought the Knock estate from the Duke of Fife in 1892, he wanted his investment to pay its way.

The discovery of several springs of pure, clear water on the southern slopes of Knock Hill let him do just that. The location, close to the Great North of Scotland railway line in the peat and barley-rich region of Moray, was perfect for distilling whisky. Production began in October 1894, and the Knockdhu dram was born.

Today little has changed at Knockdhu, the quality of the distillate continues to be the signature; fresh and fruity, and this in combination with hand selected casks, delivers a perfectly balanced Single Malt.

Gordon Bruce, the Knockdhu Distillery Manager, and the seven men of Knock, continue to ensure tradition and craftmanship in the production of anCnoc Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, at one of the smallest, and by far most enchanting distilleries in Scotland.

anCnoc Highland Single malt Whisky 12 years

Renowned the world over – a must have in any whisky drinkers collection. A carefully selected combination of sherry and bourbon casks add depth and complexity to this satisfying Single malt

Nose: Soft, very aromatic with a hint of honey and lemon in the foreground
Colour: Amber with a slight yellow hue.
Taste: Sweet to start with an appetising fruitiness and a long smooth finish. A malt for every occasion.
Size available: 50ml/ 700ml/ 750ml/ 1litre

anCnoc Highland Single Malt Whisky 16 years

Wholly maturing anCnoc in American bourbon barrels allow the characteristic intense citrus notes to shine through. anCnoc 16 Year Old is bottled in its most natural form – neither chill filtered nor coloured. It may develop a light haze with the addition of water or if kept cold. This is natural occurrence.

Nose: An intense aroma awakens your senses with burst of citrus fruit, before slowly melting into soft, sweet, fragrant vanilla.
Colour: Sparkling gold with a slight yellow hue.
Taste: Light and zesty with a hint of spice, warming up to ‘stick to your teeth’ toffee.
Sizes available:700ml

anCnoc Highland SingleMalt Vintage 1994

A limited release, carefully hand selected for its special qualities by the Master Distiller. The particular vintage has been matured in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks and still strongly carries the key signature you would expect from Knockdhu, yet you’ll be surprised to find a slight peatiness in the taste.

Nose: Medium to high intensity. Slightly woody with hints of vanilla and toffee.
Colour: Rich golden honey.
Taste: Full-bodied, slight peatiness with fruity overtones.
Alc/Vol: 46%
Sizes available: 700ml

anCnoc Highland Single Malt Vintage 1975

A very limited release. Some 30 years ago, Spanish and American oak casks were laid to rest in the earthen-floored dun age warehouse of Knockdhu Distillery. With time and crafting under the watchful nose of the Master Distiller. anCnoc 1975 has matured into a finely balanced dram, with remarkable depth and complexity.

Nose: Rich, smooth and well balanced. Sweet with fruit overtones and hints of vanilla.
Colour: A rich amber.
Taste: Smooth and full-bodied with a long lasting finish. Sweet with sherry and vanilla notes.
Sizes available:700ml

Thursday, July 22, 2010


The Hankey Bannister brand dates back to 1757, when Messrs Hankey and Bannister formed their successful partnership, which would lead them to become one of the finest suppliers of wines and spirits, holding royal warrants under King George V and King Edward VII.
Their outstanding reputation, combined with a deliciously sophisticated blended Scotch whisky, resulted in Hankey Bannister becoming one of the favourite drinks of some of the most famous characters in history, including Prince Regent William IV, war-time Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and British writer Evelyn Waugh.
Since then, Hankey Bannister has continued to charm an ever-growing number of consumers with its smooth and complex blend of premium Scotch whiskies distilled at some of Scotland’s finest distilleries, including Balblair, Knockdhu and Balmenach, one of the first distilleries to be sanctioned under the Excise Act in 1823.
The result is a light, subtle blend with clean, sweet and spicy flavours entwined with honey tones for a pleasant, lasting finish.


Nose: A light aroma with a spiciness which gives extra depth
Colour: Creamy toffee with a golden hue
Taste: A light, subtle blend, clean, sweet and spicy with honeyed tones and a pleasant lasting finish
Alc/Vol: 40%
Sizes available: 50ml / 200ml /350ml /
500ml / 700ml / 750ml / 1 litre / 1.5 litre/ 2 litre


Nose: Citrus aroma with a hint of green apples, apricots and oranges with a slight spiciness
Colour: Soft golden yellow
Taste: A well-balanced easy to drink blended malt with sweet fruit and a spicy finish
Alc/Vol: 40%
Sizes available: 700ml


Nose: Slightly sweet aroma with hints of vanilla and oak
Colour: Golden amber with reddish highlights
Taste: Medium bodied, well-balanced with sweet soft vanilla and a slightly smoky finish
Alc/Vol: 40%
Sizes available: 700ml


Nose: Soft and smooth creamy toffee with slight vanilla overtones
Colour: Dark honey with bronze highlights
Taste: Aromatic with pleasant malty overtones and a warm lingering finish
Alc/Vol: 43%
Sizes available: 700ml


Nose: Superbly balanced and enriched with warm fragrant aromas of raisin, chocolate, citrus and spices
Colour: Rich amber combined with dark copper tones
Taste: Exceptionally long-lasting smooth and full-bodied finish with hints of raisin, chocolate and spices
Alc/Vol: 43.3%, Non Chill-Filtered
Sizes available: 700ml
Voted World's Best Scotch Blended Whisky at the World Whisky Awards 2008